Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday's Treat: Ice Cream Addicts Anonymous

I've been super lazy lately and haven't made any treats.

Ok that's not completely true, I just took photos of them on Sprinkles the Ipad, and haven't remembered to transfer them over so I can share them with you.

So I felt guilty about not sharing my bad eating habits with you, so instead I'm giving you a ranking of my FAVORITE ice creams. Sorry if this is cruel.

5. Ba-Nom-A-Nom.
Denver, CO + metro area. Strawberry-Banana.

This is a food truck... and it is not technically ice cream... but I let it slide since it is sooo good.
What is Ba-Nom-A-Nom? Frozen soft-serve fruit. No dairy, gluten, sugar, or anything else but frozen fruit.  It's actually super creamy and the flavors are super refreshing - like watermelon!

4. Amy's Ice Cream.
Austin, TX. Bourbon Chocolate Walnut.

Apparently I eat my ice cream too fast since I have no pictures of my many visits here.

Located throughout Austin (and popping up in other Texas cities) is Amy's. A must go if you are visiting, especially if you have a friend who used to work there and make you delicious combo flavors like Bourbon Chocolate Walnut mixed with Baileys.

3. Lik's Ice Cream.
Denver, CO. Mexican Chocolate.

On an unassuming corner in Capitol Hill is Lik's. I was super excited to find a place in Colorado that has Mexican Chocolate. It was delicious and loaded with cinnamon.

2. Jenni's Splendid Ice Cream.
Columbus, Ohio + your local specialty market. Milkiest Chocolate in the World.

I'm kind of ashamed to say how much money I spend on Jeni's ice cream. It is SO good, I never want another basic chocolate cone in my life. Totally worth every penny of the $12 it will cost you to take home a pint.

And the winner is.......

1.  Herrell's Ice Cream. 
Northampton, MA + Huntington, NY. Mexican Chocolate, you will always have my heart.

Look how happy Steve is!

Copious amounts of jimmies.

First off, there is nothing quite like Herrell's ice cream shops. Basically Amy (#4) got her idea for her shop while studying at Tufts University and eating at Steve Herrell's original shop in Boston. People also contribute the idea for Cold Stone and all those all mix-in shops back to Steve. All the flavors are delicious, and Western Mass will kick you out if you say no to the real chocolate jimmies (sprinkles) offered with every scoop. I'm pretty sure they put cocaine in their Mexican Chocolate, and that is why they stopped making it, and why I'm still going through withdrawal symptoms.


P.S. Can you eat too much ice cream?

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  1. Herrell's + Amy's + Jeni's = I live a blessed ice-cream full life. (Had goat cheese cherry Jeni's while out at a bar 2 nights ago, actually...)