Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up - Summer Beginnings

Friday was the FIRST day of Summer (and National Wear Your Lilly Day)!

I only spotted only two other ladies wearing Lilly... but I guess that is to be expected for Colorado, huh?


Oyster Addicts at TAG Raw Bar

I made the bartender turn all the kids drinks alcoholic

So many little options

Grant's new shirt BFF fromt he house party. Don't worry folks, he knows alllll about NYC.

Dog spotting

Cherry Creek Farmer's Market (Saturday)

Juices for DAYS.

Sitting outside the South Pearl Farmer's Market (Sunday)

Most unhealthy breakfast ever (Poutine)

Botanical Gardens

Poppy Love

"Volunteering" (my shift started at 2:30, but they didn't need me until 3:30)

P.S. My #1 goal at Farmers Markets is to pet as many fluffy dogs as possible. If you are interested in doing the same, I highly recommend the Cherry Creek Farmers Market.

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