Monday, April 15, 2013

Everday Luxe: Hair Care

I felt I couldn't limit this post to just shampoo, especially since I know there are some ridiculously expensive hair care products out there. Ladies will spend anything for perfect hair - the hair care product market generated nearly $49 billion globally in 2010 (source) and the salon services generated about $72 billion in 2011 (source). That's a lot of money spent on hair.

Hair Care & Repair

Philip B's White Truffle Collection Set is a "botanically powered" shampoo and conditioner. It contains white truffle oil from Italy, lavender, hops, nettle and comfrey.

 This set will set you back $115 at PhilipB's website.

Philip B also offers a $140 shampoo: Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo found here.

Have you ever wanted to smother your hair with caviar? Here is your chance; Keratase's Chronologiste counteracts hair damage using Mimetic Caviar Pearls, immersed in sea water and a cream masque.

Available at Keratase's website for $149.

Frederic Fekkai's Ageless Overnight HairRepair helps to replenish and renew damamged hair overnight, without getting your pillowcase gross. No super crazy ingredients in this one, just Edelweiss berries.

 You can purchase on the company's website for $195.

This might be the most luxe shampoo around: Fuente's Intelligent Shampoo.

Made with the skin of white truffles (I'm seeing a theme here), pure diamond dust, and meteorite dust from space. Supposedly it exhibits different results for each specific hair type, returning your locks to top condition. I hope so, considering it is $490, available via select salons found on their website.

And the most luxe hair product I own? Number 4's Clarifying Shampoo.

I received a sample of this in my Birchbox, and fell in love. I use it about once a week, and it is worth every penny of that $32. You can find it here.

Do you own any luxe hair care products? Would you spend that much money to acheive perfect hair?


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