Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brooks Brothers x Kiel James Patrick

Spring has sprung, and it is in the shape of this amazing new collaboration between one of my favorite stylemakers, Kiel James Patrick, and the ever-classic Brooks Brothers.

The joint products went on sale today through Brooks Brothers online.

Pieces I want to add to my shopping cart:

Lanyard Hitch Cord Bracelet

Mini BB#1 Stripe Wrap Bracelet

Mini BB#1 Vickers Bow Bracelet

You'll notice price differences between the Brooks Brothers site and the KJP one.

The Lanyard Hitch Card Bracelet is $48 on BB, but only $40 on KJP. The cord colors are slightly different, and the anchor is embossed with Brooks Brothers, which may justify the +$8 in my opinion.

The big win is the Vickers Bow Bracelets, which are $48 on BB, and $58 on KJP.

I also noted that shipping from BB is going to be around $11, whereas it is free on KJP.

In the end, I think my favorite piece is the Stripe Wrap Blacelet, as it is exclusive to the BB collab.

Plus, I can totally rock any of these styles on a hike... 'cause that's important in Denver and all...


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