Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Exciting News

As I start this new blogging adventure I wanted to add a partner in crime style.

And thus I have asked my roommate, THE Caroline Brown, to help contribute to this here new blog.

The title is fitting for us both, as we both moved out West to Denver from our recent headquarters.

While I am a native Seattlelite, the last 6 years I sepnt living in classic New England, absorbing all things WASP, trad, and Ivy League.

Caroline, a midwest lady, has bounced from Michigan to Indiana (with a brief stint in California) to Denver.

This will be our attempt to be stylish (and rep the prep) in a town filled with people permanently in hiking boots. No really- everyone wears them - even with business suits.

Mostly it will be us having fun and making fun of fashion victims.

Expect more snark, better photos, and more regular posts.



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