Friday, March 22, 2013

Wizard of Awe-some

The other day I was poking around one of my favorite style sites, Refinery29, and came across this slideshow:

"Cult Parisian label American Retro has joined forces with Russian designer Alexander Terekhov to create a capsule collection inspired by…the yellow brick road. Well, Disney’s Oz: The Great And The Powerful, to be more precise."

While I guess I see how it ties into the new Oz movie (whichIreallywanttoseeifyouarereadingthisGrant) mostly I was just struck by how much I wanted the clothes (as per usual).

Get it? It's kinda like Dorothy's gingham dress. A very modernized version of the blue and white icon.

Kaleidoscope of colors much? Kinda like the Over The Rainbow color overkill of Munchkin Land.

Seriously, I want this skirt.

Not quite sure about this one... I'm guessing it's Dorothy's trip back to Kansas where life just isn't as colorful (but still pretty)?

You can see the slidehow for yourself here: American Retro Capsule

All images are obviously from above mentioned slide show.

Love, Charlotte

PS- How perfect is the model, Miroslava Duma?!?!?!?

Update: I saw the movie and it was fantatic (thanks, Grant!). You know when you are going to love a movie just by the title ssequence? That was Oz the Great and Powerful.

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