Monday, May 13, 2013

Everyday Luxe: Sunglasses

Now that the weather is more Summer, less Winter (I wouldn't exactly call it Spring), my focus has been on finding the perfect pair on sunglasses.

Since I was curious I tried to find the most expensive one money can buy....


1) Bentley teamed up with luxury eyewear company Estede to create a pair of pure platinum shades.

These retail for just under $46,000 USD. I actually kinda like them, even though I could get a matching pair from a gas station for $10.

2) CliC has created a pair of 18-carat solid gold sunglasses that retail for roughly $75,000.

More information, by which I mean here is the website to contact them through, can be found here.

3) In celebration of the Wizard of Oz, Shiels Jewellers in Australia created a pair of EMERALD Sunglasses.

The lenses are actual emeralds, that took five years to source the gems, and 3 months to shape, polish and cut. The frames are 18-carat gold and diamonds.

They are estimated at $200,000, and you can find more info here.

4) The Dolce & Gabbana Elite sunglasses are framed in gold, with the D&G logo spelled out in diamonds on each arm.

They retail for $386,609.

5) And last, Chopard paired with De Rigo Vision to create a pair of sunglasses with 51 fully cut river diamonds, set in 24-carat gold.

The price is estimated at $1.5 million USD, and the unusual tint is obtained from burning the glass four times. The sunglasses were available only in one shop in Dubai - no word on whether or not the pair ever sold.

And For Everyday People:

In case you want to put your money towards a house.... or fancy cars... or anything but sunglasses, don't worry- you have options, too!

The most expensive pair you can find at Nordstrom are the Rimless Shield sunglasses by BVLGARI.

These ugly sunnies will set you back $650, worth it? Not for me.

In fact, I'm eyeing these:
The Baroque sunglasses by Prada. Which seem totally reasonable at $290, right?

xx Charlotte

P.S. you probably (maybe?) noticed I didn't include links for where to buy a bunch of these sunglasses (because I know you're really anxious to do just that...) ANYHOW I have no idea where you can buy some of these... it is like they were made once as a dare and are now stored away in the respective company's vault.

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