Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up - Hello Spring!

My horse didn't win (but did you see him lead the race for the first stretch?) but I managed to have a Derby weekend.

Brunch and vodka at Lucile's Creole Kitchen at 10am

Followed by whisky drinks at the Churchill Tavern inside of The Brown Palace

And by all the delights of the Denver Derby Party

Mint Julep # 3.... or 4?

"You only get that skinny after a divorce" -GS

"Bronco Man"

"Captain 'Merica"

Derby Ladies

And by a lazy Sunday of putting together this alien spaceship and making ribs

It's actually a grill/smoker...

And the best part is the weekend isn't even over because I won free tickets to go see the Great Gatsby at a preview party TONIGHT.

Free tickets courtesy of Denver TidBits

Ain't it the truth.


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  1. Charlotte, your hair looks awesome & I love the yellow dress! xo meg