Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Everyday Luxe 2

I'm back with another edition of Everyday Luxe.

In honor of the misty rain today (it seriously looks like Seattle right now) here in Denver, I thought I'd share with you a few very fancy umbrellas, from one of the rainiest places on Earth (no, not Seattle): England!

Denver, rain, mist, Rocky Mountains
Misty Denver

And yes, I said umbrellas.

This is everyday luxe... and I carry an umbrella nearly everyday... just not like these beauties.

1) James Smith & Co.'s Ladies Animal Head Umbrella

James Smith & Co., umbrella, animal head umbrella, made in UK

In 1830 James Smith founded the famous firm of James Smith and Sons at Foubert Place in London's West End. A branch shop was opened just off Savile Row and it was from here that umbrellas were sold to Gladstone, Bonar Law and Lord Curzon, among many other dignitaries. The business in umbrellas has always thrived, perhaps because of the English weather, but also because of the outstanding reputation the company has for umbrellas and walking sticks and the repair service that they offer for them. The company was also one of the first to use the famous Fox Frame and similar frames have been used ever since.

James Smith & Co., James Smith umbrella, umbrella, Made in UK

So cute and practical at only $114 USD. Almost too practical...

James Smith & Co., umbrella, animal head umbrella, made in UK

2) Pickett Whangee Wooden Shaft Umbrella

Whangee umbrella, umbrella, made in UK, Pickett umbrella

Handmade in England by expertly skilled master craftsmen using one solid continuous piece of wood, they are as strong and sturdy as a walking stick and feature twill nylon covers individually hand sewn onto a metal rib frame. They are available in a wide range of exquisite wood constructions and have been wind tested, withstanding speeds of 27mph! This will set you back $521.

Whangee umbrella, umbrella, made in UK
Whangee is a type of super strong bamboo wood.

And my favorite:

3) Swain Addney Brigg Ladies' London Tan Leather & Campari Nylon Umbrella

Brigg Ladies London Leather umbrella, umbrella, made in UK

Found in 1750, and handmade in Cambridge, UK since 1835 - Briggs is synonymous for the best in terms of umbrellas.They even have the official Royal Warrant, given by HRH The Prince of Wales who uses his quite a bit in rainy England.

This one-piece, ladies' umbrella boasts a hand-stitched saddle leather handle in London Tan. The umbrella canopy comes in a rich Campari nylon.

Brigg umbrella, umbrella, made in UK

And don't worry you can get engraved for only an extra $90. Which is probably worth it since you are going to be shelling out over $800 for the umbrella itself.

Look! a Royal Warrant or crest-like thing I stole from the Briggs' website!

Royal Warrant

Love, Charlotte

P.S. In case you missed the first Everday Luxe, it can be found right here.

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