Monday, April 1, 2013

The Co-Author (finally gets her act together and) Speaks!

Hey, remember that one time Charlotte said her roommate was going to start contributing to the blog...and then said roommate never made an appearance? Well, no longer! Here I am -- on the Internet and stuff!

Like Charlotte said, I'm a Midwest lady (minus the "Mom jeans" and big 80s hair...and the penchant for guns and Kraft Mac 'n Cheese...and I don't really follow any sports teams outside of a passing interest for how the Red Sox are doing from time to time. Okay, I'm the world's worst Midwest lady) -- born in Illinois, raised in Michigan, and lived in Indiana for three years before heading west to California. And now, obviously, I'm in Denver.

Interestingly enough, my time in Orange County, California is when I started developing my prep look (it helps that I didn't have to cross state lines to get to the nearest J.Crew), but unlike Charlotte, my prep look tends to be borrowed more from the dudes than the ladies.

Basically, I like to dress like your favorite -- completely batty -- History of Britain from the Tudors to the Stuarts professor at Harvard (even if you only attended in your ivy-laced dreams). Think tweedy blazers, plaid button-ups, and a lovely men's Bulova watch my dad gave me. I recently discovered that I can do a men's extra small at H&M without it being too big. That said, I have like ten pairs of skinny jeans.

At any rate. This is what I wore on Friday, for a closing shift at the bookstore where I am employed.

The blazer is too small. Being on the petite side, blazers that fit "properly" -- that is, with the cuffs hitting your knuckles when your arms hang at your size -- tend to drown me and make me look like I really DID steal from some portly professor's wardrobe. With a shrunken blazer, you can see something of a figure on me, and it also balances out my Cafe Trousers from J.Crew. Always remember, kids: balance is important! If you're going to wear something loose on one half of your body, remember to balance it with something fitted on the other half. And notice I said "fitted" and not "tight". I hate tight! As many a sassy gay guy has said before me, Just because it zips doesn't mean it fits!

Blazer // H&M (Fall 2011)
Blouse // Madewell (Fall 2012)
Necklace // Thrifted
Belt // Gap
Trousers // J.Crew
Shoes // Target

xx, Caroline.

P.S. Please appreciate/ignore my "Oh god, a camera" face.

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