Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend Wishes: Spring Touches

After a hectic work week I am definitely looking forward to the relative calm of the weekend. I still have my retail job on Saturday evening, but I definitely think I can get through my to-do list.

Taking inspiration from this drool-worthy article on the home of Refinery29's Creative Director and applying it to the Mountain Prep apartment for Spring:

Trying to infuse summer (Ijustcan'twait) into everyday with cute nautical inspirations: 
Plate via Zara Home.

Avoiding the temptation of buying these dresses at Madewell:

Afternoon Dress in Navy via here.

Silk Cami Dress in Flora via here.

Trying out new places in Denver:

View House in LoDo, website.

Liks Icecream, website.

The Populist, website.

Also on the agenda:
  • Looking at patio furniture - any ideas for cheap and durable?
  • Planting my balcony garden
  • Playing with Sprinkles the iPad
  • Riding the new light rail system for free on Saturday
  • City-wide party at Union Station with free food
  • Prepping libations for next weekend (more on that next week)

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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