Monday, April 8, 2013

Everyday Luxe 3

When I was younger (read: teenager) I really wanted to be all cool and light candles in my room. My mom said I would burn the house down, and thus shut that dream down.

But what about when you moved out, Charlotte?

Well the fact that I lived in a 100 + Victorian mansion in college didn't help my dream either.

This is Tyler House:

Tyler House, Smith College, Tyler House Smith College
Est. 1898

It has a "burn time" of around 60 seconds. No really, the insulation is some combination of horse hair, newspaper, and hay. A lot of the beautiful carved wood has been around since Smith College cleared trees while making room for the campus. I'm pretty sure my college house is an elegant, beautiful death trap.

I might have made it more of a death trap by doing stupid things, too.

And I love it.

Candle Time

But getting back on track, now that I'm an adult and live in a building made of steel and concrete, I can't get in trouble for lighting candles! And I do, probably 2-3 times a week.

My favorite place for buying candles? Target (don't judge) and Kringle Candle (my favorite scent is Watercolors).  

But this is not called Everyday Affordable, so let's move on to some ridiculous candle options:

1) Diptyque Paris is known for their famous scents, but did you know they also offer HUGE outdoor/indoor candles? At 5 wicks, it was the biggest one I could find, and it comes in a pretty reusable pot (I would love to plant flowers in it).

Diptyque Paris candle, candle, tuberose, everyday luxe
Diptyque Paris Indoor/Outdoor Candle in Tuberose

Price? $275 via their website.

2) Jo Malone may be better known for her refreshing perfumes, but she also offers up home decor scents as well. Try this 4 wick candle which is the equivalent of burning 2 candles at once.

Jo Malone candle, luxury candle, everyday luxe, candle
The Jo Malone Luxury Candle comes in 4 different scents

Price? $425 via their website.

3) And the most ridiculously luxe candle I could find was by Welcome Home. This is a black soy candle with 2 wicks.

Welcome Home candle, luxury candle, everyday luxe, candle
The Fanciest: Welcome Home Candle

But what makes it so special? That lovely decor on the vase is actually a 38 diamond (2.23 carats in all) necklace, y'know to spruce it up.

diamonds, diamond necklace, fancy candle, everyday luxe
Diamonds are a candles best friend...?

Price? $6,495 via their website. I feel like you're really just buying a diamond necklace that comes with a candle at this point.

I think my favorite of the bunch is the Diptyque Paris candle. What's yours?